* Our weekly MTB group ride starts every Saturday morning at 06:00 and departs from the shop. Everyone is welcome to join (you don’t need to be a part of the club in order to join for the weekly group ride)


* We have 2 groups:


Group A: Cycles a 60 km ride, the pace is about 20km/h average and there is always someone from the shop taking the group out, for more info contact the shop.

Group B: Cycles a 40-60 km ride. This is a long distance ride but is enjoyed at a very slow pace; Oom Gawie takes this group out. For more information you can contact Oom Gawie on 0823530208.

* Please join the group according to your fitness.




Join our club now; we have some great options to choose from.


-Option 1: Club membership for only R250

-Option 2: Club membership + free Rosemary Hill entrance for 2018 for only R600 (This option is for existing members with a Singletrack Cycles Shirt)

-Option 3: Club membership + Singletrack Cycles shirt + Rosemary Hill access for a whole year for only R1000


It is important to note that mountain bike riding is by its very nature a dangerous activity and involves the risk of serious injury and harm arising from various risks including but not limited to risks associated with falling at speed to colliding with objects cyclists and vehicles. All parties that participate in any group ride do so entirely at their own risk. Single Track Cycles, its owners, employees and representatives will under no circumstances be held responsible or liable for any bodily injury, harm, death or damages arising from any cause whatsoever (including negligence) that may be sustained by any cyclist ( or his/her dependents) on a group ride or any activity associated therewith.